No More Stinky Smells In Your Room Again

odor removal bend, oregon


We understand that unpleasant odors can completely ruin your living in the house, and most of the time, these bad odors come from stinky carpets that are not frequently cleaned or have accumulated the mold and mildew over time. Wet carpet is the main culprit behind this.

We offer full range carpet cleaning service in Bend, Oregon and our odor removal techniques are unique and highly-effective. You can hire us to remove all the lingering smells that taint the room and ruining your life.


Pet Urine Odors

Urine odor left by pets is very difficult to remove and effective removal also requires technicians certified by the IICRC. Urine penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet and does not completely evaporate; instead it crystallizes and remains in the carpet worsening the odor over time.

Smoke odors

Smoke can drift throughout the house easily, leaving upholstery and draperies with an unpleasant smell. The smell is also likely to linger in crevices. Whether the smoke was from cigarettes, property fires or burnt pot, our technicians can remove the smell effectively from all areas of your property.

Food odors

During a power outage, the fridge would be turned off for quite some time and you may end up with that nasty smell of rotten meat. Spilled milk on upholstery is also a common cause of strong, unwanted odor in the home. Whatever the root cause of the odor, we have the odor removal solutions.

Pesticide odors

If you have just purchased new rugs and they came out of customs with a nasty pesticide smell, we can get rid of the odor easily and effectively.

Bacteria odors

If you cleaned your carpet yourself or if had it cleaned by an unskilled or unreliable carpet cleaner, it could be left wet for days, which could lead to bacteria growth. If you notice an unpleasant and musty smell, it is best to let out professionals take care of the problem to ensure it is cleaned and dried properly.

Pet oils odors

A lot of Australians consider the pet as an integral part of their family, which means that their pet lives inside the house and sleeps on the carpet, leaving pet oils and certain smells. If you want to reduce or remove the smell, we can offer the right solutions for the best of both worlds.

Animal odors

Dead animals such as rats or possums can on occasion get stuck in the ducting system or in wall cavities, creating an unpleasant odor in the house. Our odor removal technicians are equipped with tools and knowledge that can guarantee the complete removal brought by animal decomposition.