6 Top Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

carpet cleaning tips for pet owners

Ensuring that your carpets are cleaned regular is already a tough job. But as a pet owner, definitely this may sound almost impossible to you. So are you struggling to professionally clean your carpet while having your pet around?

Are you a busy mom who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning the carpets? Don’t worry, in this article, we have curated our top carpet cleaning tips for pet owners like you.

So without further ado, let’s explore the tips:

1. Keep Calm And React Immediately

What’s the first reaction when you see your dog or cat urine on the carpet? Angry and fuming right? We get you. That’s how most of the people react as well. However, keep in mind that your lovely pet doesn’t know what they’re doing and if they understand the matter, they won’t do it.

So the first tip here is to keep calm and most importantly, react immediately, in a good way. Don’t keep on fuming till you forget to clean the carpet. The longer you take to react, the harder it is to clean the stains. So grab your prepared toolkit, take your pet out of the room and start cleaning the carpet immeditely.

2. Clean The Wet Mess

clean up wet mess for the carpet

First thing to do if it’s the wet mess is not to use tissue paper or cloth to blot the wet area. This will only make the matter worse as the liquid will seep more into the carpet fabric. Rather, you would need to use either a handheld carpet extractor to remove both the wet stains and the smells, or use the following homemade carpet cleaning solutions.

First, prepare the following ingredients:

  • a cup of water
  • a cup of vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon of baking soda

What you have to do is mix the vinegar, water and baking soda together, pour the mixture into the spray bottle and spray it over the carptet.

You may even put the cloth over the wet mess and spray the solution over it, to let the cloth absorb all the mess. Baking soda will help absorb all the unpleasant smells of urine or vomit. Leave the sprayed area for about 15 minutes and this should help remove all the stains and smells naturally.

3. Clean Up The Solid Mess

Solid mess is easier to clean than the wet mess. However, keep in mind that don’t use a towel to clean the mess as this could even make the matter worse, by pushing the small solid particles deeper into the fabric. Instead, use a sharp object such as knife to gently scoop the mess up.

After the mass is removed, next is to deodorize the carpet by sprinkling the baking soda over the carpet. Baking soda, with it’s bicarbonate nature, absorbs all the stubborn smells. If you need to remove the carpet odor professionally, check out our odor removal service.

4. Look Out For The Dust And Dirt

Next up in the carpet cleaning tips for pet owners is too look for any dust and dirt brought by your pet’s paws to the carpet. The best thing to prevent this is to regularly check your pet’s paws for any dust and dirt and to wash them regularly.

If your carpets are already dusted, make sure to first beat the dust off, followed by vacuuming the carpet.

5. Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

For this tip, if you think that your carpets have suffered a lot from the stains and stubborn odors that no matter what you do, you just couldn’t clean them, do consider hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done for you.

Sure, the home remedies introduced to you above can help clean the carpet, at the end of the day, if the stains are too stubborn, a professional cleaner will use his specialized chemical cleaning products, mixed with powerful equipment to remove all the stains and odors for you.

6. Better Prevent Than Cure

Last but not least on how to clean carpet if you’re a pet owner is to prevent the carpet from getting dirty or at least, get dirty in a minimal way. As a pet owner yourself, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your pets stay as far away from the carpet as they can.

Consider placing your rugs strategically in the house. Avoid places like in front of your dog’s or cat’s house, or preferably in the room. Besides, don’t forget to groom and wash your pet regularly to make sure that they’re dust and dirt-free. Lastly is to vacuum the carpet proactively. Don’t wait till the hairs or dirt get piled up. This way, you’re reducing the amount of work load needed to clean the carpet.